Mirror Moment#3 – Mince n Cheese Pie

Our hotel was in the city centre.  We’d spent the morning walking around the streets and stopped to pick up some groceries to stock up our son’s flatting supplies.  Carrying a couple of bags we left the store and realised we hadn’t got everything.

I stayed outside with our bags at the next store, while Andrew nipped in to get bananas.  Just outside the doorway was a beggar.  She had an open empty bag at her feet branded with the same supermarket logo I was carrying.  I moved sideways to the next doorway.

Some men walked past.  They grumbled about beggars taking up the pavement.  “Go home!” they said.



Two beautifully groomed and dressed young women in business suits were walking towards us and talking animatedly to each other.  I thought that in their busy conversation they weren’t looking where they were walking and were about to trip over the beggar.

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