Mirror Moment #6 – Mother Bear and her Cub

Time slowed. The sound of metal against metal was excruciating on the ears.  It was over in seconds.  But the thoughts that had been running through my head while it was happening were complex and detailed.  It was like I was in a scene from a movie.  Choices, actions, reactions and then – impact!

I was driving below the speed limit straight along the perfectly straight road.  With disbelief I saw the car turning from the side street towards me and into my path.  I saw the look of shock on the driver’s face as she realised she was going to hit me.

All I could think about was my 21 year old daughter who was asleep in the passenger seat next to me.  My thoughts were entirely protective. I felt like mother bear protecting her cub.  Something primal and energy filled roared within me, yet kept me calm and rational, as I determined my options.  This was more than an emotion, more than a feeling, it was like an energy force.

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