Mirror Moment#4 – The difficulty of crochet

I have just learned to crochet.  This in itself is not a big thing.  There are millions of people all over the world who know how to crochet.  But not me.  Crochet has been my stumbling block.  My grandmother crocheted.  She tried to teach me.  My mother crocheted.  She tried to teach me.  My daughter and I tried to learn together a couple of summers ago.  She mastered it.  I didn’t.  I was beginning to think that it was just too darn difficult!

My mother and my daughter were talking about this a few weeks back and commenting how it was weird that I’d never managed to crochet when I can do all kinds of other arts and crafts.  Give me a crochet hook and yarn and I was a fumble fingers.  So I’d just about totally given up!

Recently, I had just decided I needed to learn a new skill of some sort… and what should come into my email inbox that day but a 12 day crochet lesson a day offer from Mollie Makes.  http://www.molliemakes.com/tag/12-days-crochet/

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