Mirror Moment #2 – Neighbours

I was at a function recently seated at a table of complete strangers.  It wasn’t a Christian setting and I had no reason to think those that we were seated with were followers of Jesus. We exchanged the usual small talk with each other over several hours.

The woman next to me told me about how she and her husband had moved from their family home into a new townhouse a couple of years prior.  We were talking about how easy it is to get to know your neighbours when you have children, how it’s hard to find community in new housing areas, but how busy we get with our current daily lives and how hard it’s to find time to even catch up with friends and family let alone neighbours.

Woman Whispering Secret
Retro styled woman whispers secret into friend’s ear

All of a sudden she stopped mid-sentence – “What am I saying?” she said.  “I don’t want to get to know my neighbours!”

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